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The Pride of West Virginia on Game Day – Through Glass


One of my favorite memories of WVU will always be the pre-game performances that the Pride of West Virginia puts on during WVU home games.

The Pride has been around for over 100 years, starting out as an eight-member ROTC military band. Their performances were limited due to the fact that the federal government owned all their equipment, so the band was restricted to only perform at major events in strict military style.

Almost 50 years later, the fight songs we love to hear, “Fight Mountaineers” and “Hail West Virginia,” were composed, and by the 1980s, a new stadium opened and the band filled it with sound.

With over 300 members, helped by the success of the football team over the years, the Pride has performed at nine different bowl games and in almost every county in West Virginia.

The Pride, is exactly what it sounds like. When they rush out of the tunnel, and you hear the banging of drums and cymbals, you get a chill like something amazing is about to happen.

The drumline starts its cadences, and cheers erupt in the stands. The announcer booms, “And now from the College of Creative Arts on the campus of West Virginia University, we are proud to present the awarding winning Pride of West Virginia, the Mountaineer Marching Band.”

Then you sit back and watch the magic begin, but there’s a lot that goes into making that performance happen.

WVU journalism student Tyler Mertins plays the saxophone in the band. He used video shot with Google Glass, still photographs and audio to produce this sights and sounds experience of Game Day at Mountaineer Field through the eyes of the band.

This is  The Pride from a different point of view: #ThroughGlass.



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